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Invest Like a Boss covers all aspects of investing in the modern age in a fun, entertaining way. The show hosts interview the world's best investors, financial Insiders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to find out what they are investing in and strategies to gain outsized returns. In this modern age of investing, new investment instruments are popping up each day, from P-2-P (peer to peer) lending, to robo-advisors, equity crowdfunding to REITS. Investors today need to combine centuries of investment wisdom with an modern outlook and approach. Entrepreneurs Sam Marks and Johnny FD both retired in their early 30’s through business successes and now focus on learning how to invest alongside the listeners in order to put their hard earned money to work.
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Sep 30, 2016

In this episode we do a much anticipated deep dive into co-host Johnny FD’s personal story on how he got started by investing in himself way before he ever bought REITs or ETFs. Most importantly how he made his first dollar even before what he's already shared. He talks about the life lessons he learned from his parents, his first job and how all of that played a part in preparing him for success. 


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Where are we:

Sam - Graz Austria

Johnny – Chiang Mai Thailand


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Johnny FD -

Johnny FD -

Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week


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Johnny FD: MVP Hacking - Minimum Viable Product (2016 Nomad Summit) -

Digital Entrepreneur Conference -

Muay Thai Blog -

Broke? Here's How to Start Making Money Online!


ILAB 02 – From $1k to Future Millionaire: Johnny FD’s Investments

ILAB 10 – Empire Flipper’s CEO: Investing in profitable, cash flow websites

Sep 23, 2016

Jon Stein is the very popular CEO of Betterment, a platform that is pioneering “Robo-Advisory” and a listener favorite. In fact, the term “Robo-Advisory” was one of the reasons we wanted to start the podcast. When we first heard about Betterment, it was clear a new modern era of technology and investment advice was now available. Aside from the platform itself, we wanted to hear about Jon’s story and why he started Betterment. And a very inspiring one it is. Betterment has been in the works for almost a decade. You’ll be intrigued to hear how and where it got started, and what the future holds. 

Jon’s -  LinkedIn

Betterment account sign up - For every friend who funds, you get 30 days free, and each friend gets 6 months free.

Meb Faber on Building The All Seasons Portfolio - ILAB 15

Money master of the game - Tony Robbins

Time Stamp:

03:00 - Starting Betterment in New York City

05:30 - John’s personal story behind Betterment

11:20 - Launching Techcrunch Disrupt

16:00 - Transitioning away from using financial advisors

18:00 - Staying the course during a decrease in market value

19L50 - Growth and infrastructure over the next few years

22:40 - Active vs. passive - Evidence based

25:00 - Opportunity for international investors

27:00 - Being an emotional or physiological advisor

31:10 - Benefits for active and engaged investors

34:00 - John’s advice to his younger self

34:53 - Sam’s investments in Betterment

38:38 - Two side effects to robo-advisor

44:50 - The downside to Vanguard

49:00 - Removing emotion to prevent a loss

55:00 - Why is Betterment right for you

Sep 14, 2016

Gregor Gregersen is the Founder and CEO of Silver Bullion in Singapore. It’s a state of the art facility that is truly innovating the category through transparency, technology and cost efficiency. If you do nothing else with this episode, checkout the video loop here of the Silver Bullion “Safe House”, you’ll be impressed. Gregor had an interesting experience during the 2008 financial crisis that led him to starting Silver Bullion that is a fascinating story in itself.

On this episode we compare different ways to buy and sell gold, what types of mints and coinages are most common, the comparison of holding physical gold at home or abroad, Singapore as a safe have, and evaluate a few of the systemic risks that face the global today. We also discuss the unique and intriguing P-2-P lending platform that Silver Bullion created where loans are secured by the borrowers precious metals. No matter what your experience in purchasing precious metals has been in the past, there will be something you can take away from this episode.

Relevant links for guest:

Silver Bullion



Currency Wars –James Rickards 

Discussed (relevant links):


The Safe House (video)
US Gold Confiscation in the USA

Show notes:

02:00 – Why did Gregor get into precious metals business
05:12 – Gold nationalization in Western Nations
05:50 – A history on the gold standard
08:10 – Systemic risks in the global economy
10:30 – Comparing the different ways to buy and sell precious metals
12:50 – What precious metals does Silver Bullion sell
13:50 – Why the name Silver Bullion
14:30 – When did Gregor buy his first piece of bullion
15:55 – Living through the financial crisis as a trader
16:30 – Starting the storage component of Silver Bullion
19:30 – Creating consumer transparency in Silver Bullion
21:00 – Different mints and coinages
23:45 – Gregor’s favorite mint to purchase
26:34 – A 1000 oz bar!
27:35 – Why Singapore as a safe place to store metals
28:37 – Singaporean politics
35:00 – Trust, confidence, and security in Singapore
35:00 – Caning in Singapore!
39:05 – At what point does it make sense to use Silver Bullion
40:45 – Quarterly audits of the inventory
41:45 – Minimum buys at Silver Bullion
42:30 – A walk through the buying process at Silver Bullion
44:50 – Overview of storage capabilities
48:00 – Fees for storage
51:40 – The liquidity in selling gold held at Silver Bullion
53:15 – P-2-P lending through Silver Bullion (Asset backed)
57:05 – Collateralizing the debt in a conservative way
58:20 – Who can lend money on the P-2-P platform
1:01:25 – Who can open accounts with Silver Bullion?
1:04:30 – Shipping the gold overseas from storage
1:03:00 – Summary of owning precious metals and systemic risks
1:03:45 – Where does Gregor invest his money
1:10:40 – See Silver Bullion for yourself!

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Sep 8, 2016

If you have ever wondered how a start-up goes from a concept to raising venture capital, than you’ll love this episode. Glints, one of Singapore’s hottest start-ups is fortunate to be driving down a the dream start-up path: from finding an early investor, to joining an accelerator programme, to raising a seed round of investing, finally to closing a larger Series A financing round…all while growing their team from the 3 founders to now more than 20 people in Singapore and Indonesia. The Glints co-founders join us on the show and share their grand experience on determining valuations, finding investors, structuring the deals, and raising money.



Tesla, Space X and the Quest for a Fantastic Future – Elon Musk

Discussed (relevant links):

The Hub Coworking Space
JFDI Accelerator
Personality Test


Show notes:

01:20 – Founders story before starting Glints
01:45 – How Glints was started
05:16 – The early vision for Glints
06:30 – Joining an accelerator
08:30 – Taking their first angel investments
12:30 – Deciding on Ivy league school vs. Glints
13:30 – Dropping out of school in the USA to pursue Glints
15:15 – Demo day
16:25 – Coming up with a valuation for seed round
17:20 – What were you looking for in your early investors?
17:25 – Fundraising advice
18:30 – Finding a lead investor
24:00 – Inside the Glints office
26:00 – Expansion into Indonesia
29:00 – Financial growth + Series A
30:00 – Difference in Seed and Series A investment
32:00 – Increasing my investment in the Series A
35:45 – Entrepreneur to investor
37:40 – VCs vs. Angel Investors
40:00 – How to get involved in the start-up scene
41:50 – Using the Series A funds for expansion 

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Sep 2, 2016

Simon Black is the owner and figurehead of the popular publication Sovereign Man. We have been following Simon’s advice and putting it into practice for years, and had the opportunity to have a conversation with him geared toward investing.

Appropriately labelled “Finding Outsized Returns Off the Beaten Path” this episode focuses on how Simon utilizes his vast world experience (now visited over 120 countries) and enviable network to find investment opportunities around the world. From precious medals & Bitcoin, to agricultural projects and start-ups, Simon is about as well diversified as someone could get and his investment views are shaped through more experience that anyone could hope to obtain in a lifetime… or 2.

Relevant links for guest:

Website – Sovereign Man
YouTube – Sovereign Man HQ
Twitter – The Sovereign Man

Where are we: 

Sam – Lviv, Ukraine
Simon – Santiago, Chile

 Recommended (books, subscriptions): 

Adventure Capitalist – Jim Rogers
Emergency – Neil Strauss

Discussed (relevant links):

August 2016 Income Report – Johnny FD
Peer Street vs. Lending Club – ILAB 13 with Brett Crosby

Time Stamp – Topic:

03:00 – Catch up about Chile
08:25 – Simons annual travel schedule
10:00 – Finding unique opportunities through boots on the ground
12:00 – Jim Rogers’ inspiring travel
14:30 – Simon’s background in Intelligence
15:00 – The importance of personal freedom
17:50 – Simon’s view on owning precious medals
23:05 – Liquidity in physical gold bullion
25:00 – What mint or coinage is the best to acquire?
26:30 – Purchases larger balls vs. smaller coins
28:45 – When do you own too much of something?
29:40 – How to purchase gold around the world
32:15 – Bitcoin vs. precious medals
33:00 – Where to hold Bitcoin
36:15 – Why you may not want to trust your bank
37:15 – Simon’s Sovereign Academy
40:00 – Where does Simon invest his money
41:00 – Why are private businesses great assets to own
44:00 – The power of network and connections
46:00 – The skill of investing
48:25 – Types of businesses Simon likes to invest in
50:30 – Control vs. dependence in business ownership
52:00 – Deal flow and private company management
53:30 – Invest in things you understand
54:45 – How can we invest along side of Simon
56:30 – Do things that make sense no matter what
58:15 – Finding out more about Simon and his investment approach

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