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Invest Like a Boss covers all aspects of investing in the modern age in a fun, entertaining way. The show hosts interview the world's best investors, financial Insiders, entrepreneurs and CEOs to find out what they are investing in and strategies to gain outsized returns. In this modern age of investing, new investment instruments are popping up each day, from P-2-P (peer to peer) lending, to robo-advisors, equity crowdfunding to REITS. Investors today need to combine centuries of investment wisdom with an modern outlook and approach. Entrepreneurs Sam Marks and Johnny FD both retired in their early 30’s through business successes and now focus on learning how to invest alongside the listeners in order to put their hard earned money to work.
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Dec 28, 2016

Johnny and Sam recap an incredible year in 2016, having both traveled to 17 countries they share some of the key takeaways from their experiences. They also discuss their favorite books from 2016 and their resolutions and goals for themselves as well as plans podcast for 2017. It's been an amazing year, thanks to everyone for sharing the journey and supporting Invest Like a Boss this last year.


Recommended Books:

MJ DeMarco: The Millionaire Fastlane

Meb Faber: Global Asset Allocation

Yuval Noah Harari - Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

G. Edward Griffin: The Creature from Jekyll Island

Dan Buettner: The Blue Zones, Second Edition

Benjamin Graham: The Intelligent Investor

Mike Cernovich: Gorilla Mindset

Grant Cardone: The 10X Rule



KoHub Coworking - Koh Lanta

Johnny's article on Sam's walk around Koh Samui
Johnny's Article - 17 Country's Visited, 17 Lesson's Learned
Sam's Bucket list (crossed out things that he has finished)
Make it Happen List: Before 30

Show Notes:

02:23 - What’s this episode about
03:15 - 17 countries, 17 lessons learned
04:14 - Texas tax residence
06:15 – Vietnam wedding
07:45 – Tahoe and walking across Ireland
12:00 – Skiing in Bulgaria or Poland
15:00 – Central America retreat
18:30 – Driving around Vietnam
20:35 – Siberia by train
21:15 – Recapping 2016 goals
22:00 – Koh Samui walk
24:50 – Inspiring 10x rule
27:25 – Developing a gorilla mindset
29:01 – Arnold Schwarzenegger biography
30:38 – Paleo blueprint
31:25 – Longest living people in the world
33:45 – Stellenbosch South Africa
35:01 – Sapiens the future of Earth
38:10 – The Creature of Jekyll Island
38:48 – Modern Investing Books
41:21 – Master book reading
44:00 – Invest Like a Boss Podcast goals
50:33 – Thank you!
51:19 – Becoming a millionaire & 6-pack abs
54:30 – Paperwork, quiet time and financial goals
57:00 – 3,000 Co-working spaces around the world
1:00:00 – Black diamond skiing


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Dec 21, 2016

Brett Owens is the Chief Investment Strategist of Contrarian Outlook and a regular contributor to Forbes investment column. In the flagship publication the Contrarian Income Report,  their focus is secure yields of 6% or better with price upside. As the name implies, they take a contrarian approach to the markets in order to find value (in the form of secure high yield) where headline-focused investors often miss out.

Brett was recently featured on CNBC Asia where they discussed new infrastructure plays and joined us on the podcasts to do a dedicated episode on REITs after we read his article in Forbes 3 Recession Proof REITs to Buy Now.

Brett's Twitter:

Forbes Article – 3 Recession Proof REITs to Buy Now



Where are we:

Sam – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Brett – Sacramento, California


REIT Recommendations:

OHI – Omega Healthcare Investors

SBRA – Sabra Health Care

O - Realty Income

PSA – Public Storage


Free Dividend Stock Report: 7 Great Dividend Stocks for a Secure Retirement


Recommended Book:

Tonny Robbins - MONEY Master the Game



ILAB 12 - Real Estate Investing with Fundrise Ceo Ben Miller

ILAB 07 - Building Hong Kongs Biggest Self Storage Business


Show Notes:

04:15 – Californian wine and day trips

06:00 – REIT fundamentals

07:18 – Acquire physical property

11:40 – Recession proof REITS

14:00 – Leverage levels

19:05 – Rising interest

20:30 – Long-term dividend growth

23:31 – When making an investment

26:00 – Getting started

29:01- Reality income

30:35 – Paying monthly dividend

31:45 – Public storage

33:50 – National retail properties

35:35 – Sabra health care

39:31 – Raising interest rate

40:50 – Brett’s personal portfolio

43:00 – Private REIT offering

44:45 – 7 dividend growth stocks

54:22 – IRA & REIT fund changes

57:00 – Capped investing funds

1:01:00 – Buying REITs


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Dec 14, 2016

Slava Rubin is the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Indiegogo. Along with his position on the Board, Slava is responsible for innovation and growth at Indiegogo. He also represented the crowdfunding industry at the White House during the signing of the JOBS Act and has played a crucial role in working with the White House and the SEC to finalize the rules and regulations for equity crowdfunding.

Slava joins us on the show to discuss Indiegogo’s new collaboration with MicroVentures and release of “equity crowdfunding”. This is huge news to the industry and game-changing events for investors looking to invest in private deals using the Indiegogo platform.


Equity Crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Where are we:

Sam – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
Slava – New York, New York


ILAB 06 - Invest in Yourself to Startup an Award Winning Brewery
ILAB 05 - Planning for Retirement

Show Notes:

06:00 - 4 reasons why people give money
07:37 - Signing the Jobs Act by President Obama
09:20 - Microventures partnership
10:43 - Investor limitations
12:19 - Creating for user base
13:55 - Applying to Indiegogo
15:00 - User participation
16:27 - Paperwork and contracts
16:55 - Tracking companies progress
17:19 - Product offering campaigns
20:00 - Non-accredited and non-US options
23:21 - Investing $300,000 in a startup
25:02 - Yearly Investment cap
27:00 - Crowfall video game
30:00 - ILAB potential startup investment
34:00 - Washington DC women's brewery
35:35 - Play and possible game ball
36:38 - Beatstars social marketplace
41:00 - Simplified Agreement for Future Equity
45:00 - Paperwork, checks and signatures
48:00 - iTunes reviews

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Dec 7, 2016

This episode is going to make you stand up or sit down, whatever the opposite is of what you are currently doing. “The Landlord” is famous in Real Estate investing circles. He is the real-life story of Rich Dad Poor Dad mixed with a twist of the hard knock life. Growing up in bad neighborhoods and learning to hustle out of necessity to survive at as early as 14, The Landlord became a master of many crafts, especially in Sales.

His ever-persistent attitude led him in a financial quest into different markets and eventually real estate. Learning a unique angle in acquiring properties, he was able to build a private property empire in 12 months. Through his career in real estate, he has amassed an experience, lessons, and stories that are priceless. This episode is tremendously entertaining and has some big value takeaways. This is the ultimate story of hustle.


Where are we:

Budapest, Hungary


Recommended (books, subscriptions):

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad


Show notes:

01:35 – Introduction to The Landlord

02:45 – Collecting rent in urban areas

06:15 – Selecting security detail

07:15 – Early stories of the Landlord

08:00 – With only a 6th grade education

10:00 – Hustling in the streets

13:25 – Starting his first business

15:30 – Doing a deal with

16:20 – Doing the sales calls yourself

17:25 – 10,000 hours of cold calling

20:00 – Getting through to the executives

22:00 – Hustling for the small sales, not just the big ones

23:35 – Transitioning into liquidation sales

27:00 – The Landlord’s first property

30:15 – Real estate auctions

38:00 – Gun shots in low-income neighborhoods

41:15 – Cash flows of properties

46:45 – Managing day to day drama

51:10 – Evicting 2,000+ tenants

54:00 – Scaling the company


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